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    10 Reasons People Love Living in Golf Course Communities

    November 20, 2017

    When you are thinking of moving into one of the golf course communities, you might wonder if there are any advantages. That is, besides the fact that it’s an amazing place to live. Here are some of the benefits that you will find to living in one.

    1. Age Restrictions

    A lot of these communities have age restrictions so that you don’t have to worry about young kids. These are communities for active adults and the age is usually 55 and up. This means that you will have neighbors who are your age and no young whippersnappers to worry about.

    2. Amenities Such as Pools

    When you move into one of these communities you can look forward to amenities such as pools. Common amenities often include bocce ball, pickleball courts and tennis courts. These kinds of communities often have a clubhouse that have a lot of indoor amenities too such as multi-purpose rooms, fitness centers and bars and restaurants.

    3. Planned Events

    Clubhouses are in these types of communities and because of this you have access to different events during the year. A lot of times there are different types of get-togethers, so you can meet your neighbors and have some fun while you are right in your communities. If you are looking into the bigger communities, they often have lots of activities that range from Zumba to holiday parties to doing crafts.

    4. Beautiful Properties

    The properties on which the communities sit are often cared for by homeowners’ associations to make sure they’re staying looking their best. This will provide consistency as well as ensure that all of the homes in the community are in the best shape possible. This makes the neighborhood look awesome and helps with protecting the value of the property.

    5. More Space Between Neighbors

    The neighbors in back of you are often further away because they’re located on the fairway’s other side. This can be a great advantage and gives you some more privacy.

    6. Play Golf Just About Anytime

    If you love playing golf, you don’t have to worry about going far away to do it. Chances are that you will also be able to get the times that you want too. You also can make tee times earlier and not have to get up extremely early.

    7. Amazing Views

    When you live in one of the golf course communities, you’re going to find some breathtaking views. There are some great landscapes when it comes to a golf course and where you’re living might overlook one of the water hazards, sprawling fairways or sand traps. Of course, they’re going to make sure that it’s maintained meticulously, so there’s no worry about eyesores.

    8. New Friends

    You will be able to make a lot of new friends who are your age and who love to play golf. If you’re participating in some of the golf course’s events, like one of their tournaments, this also can be a way that you can meet other people in the community.

    9. Prestige

    There is prestige that comes with golf community living. You have bragging rights, that there aren’t many people are able to claim. One bonus thing is that your family and friends will want to come and visit because of it being so convenient.

    10. Great Resale Value

    If it ever comes a time that you want to sell the house, chances are that you are going to find that its resale value is going to be excellent. That is because the golf course homes are something everyone wants to buy. Even though all of the real estate markets vary and the values will fluctuate because of different factors, properties found along golf courses will usually hold strong.

    Even if you don’t like playing golf, living in this kind of community may be appealing to you. After you have moved in, the benefits are going to keep coming and will surprise you.

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