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    10 Turnoffs for Potential Home Buyers

    October 16, 2017

    10 Turnoffs for Potential Home Buyers

    If you are selling your home, one of the things that you want to do is make sure that you’re not scaring off your buyer.

    But there may be things in your house that can end the possibility of a sale before it even starts. Below are 10 things that turn off buyers and make it a lot harder to sell your home.

    1. Odors

    Smells in the house are one of the biggest turnoffs when it comes to someone buying your house. Two of the biggest problems that people complain about are pet odors and cigarette smoke. Another big problem is the smell of mildew.

    If you’re a smoker and you smoke inside the house, your house will smell like your cigarettes. If you’re a pet owner, your house could smell stinky, even though you’re not noticing it. Ask a person who isn’t living there to do the sniff test, and ask for the truth.

    Get rid of those smells so you’re able to present any potential buyers with a fresh, clean atmosphere rather than a house that is filled with funky smells.

    2. Dogs Greeting Them at Your Door

    A lot of people are frightened by dogs and there are some who aren’t are irritated by them. It’s a good idea to control any pets you have when you’re having a showing, or better yet, have them out of your house.

    A lot of people think about putting their pets in a certain room. But the problem with this, is that you can’t let the people look in that room. Chances are that they think you have something to hide and will look elsewhere. If the animals can’t be contained in crates, it’s best to have them boarded for the day.

    3. Dirty Bathrooms

    Bathrooms that are grimy will be a turnoff right away. Scrub your bathroom, paint it, buy a new rug, towels, shower curtain… you get the idea. If you’re really serious about selling your home, this will be essential.

    4. Rooms That are Dimly Lit

    Homes that are dark will be a turnoff to the majority of home buyers. You can brighten up your home by:

    • #1: Replacing light fixtures that are dim
    • #2: Installing more light fixtures
    • #3: Installing some quality skylights or sun tunnels
    • #4: Removing the heavy drapes so that light is able to stream through your windows
    • #5: Repainting some of the rooms with the colors that will reflect light
    • #6: Trim limbs of trees that throw shadow on your house

    Fogged and dirty windows will also turnoff buyers. Your windows should be cleaned outside and inside, so that more light is brought in. If you can, replace any of your double-paned windows that have broken seals. These are able to be found, just look for some foggy residue that you can’t remove.

    5. Lots of Wallpaper

    Most buyers are going to be turned off by a home that has lots of wallpaper. People who love the look of wallpaper might not like what you like. Wallpaper is very personal and they want to choose their own look.

    You want to appeal to the most people possible, so consider your wallpaper and think about if it would be better removing it and replacing it with paint. Never paint over your wallpaper. Buyers will know you have done it and you’ve just made it a lot harder to remove your wallpaper.

    6. Damp Basements

    Damp smells or dampness in your basement will throw up a sign to your buyers that your foundation is leaking. Most of the problems that are seen aren’t caused by a faulty foundation. They’re happening because rainwater is diverted toward a foundation rather than in the opposite direction. Below are some of the reasons this can happen:

    • Clogged drains underground
    • House doesn’t have gutters along its roof
    • The downspouts have been aimed in the wrong direction

    When it rains next, go outside. Figure out where your runoff water is going.

    7. Bugs

    No one wants to see bugs in a house they’re considering on buying. So get rid of spiders, ants, cockroaches, and any other type of bug that should not be in your house.

    8. No Curb Appeal

    It’s essential that you are grabbing the interest of a buyer from your curb if you’re selling your house for a high amount. If your yard is unkempt, you have sagging doors, or peeling paint, chances are that they won’t even go into your house. If you’re unable to paint, at least get your yard in the best shape and fix your doors.

    9. Your Gutters Have Plants in Them

    A lot of people don’t bother cleaning their gutters. If this is the case, a buyer might wonder what you haven’t maintained. If you have poor drainage, you could fix it by cleaning out your gutter.

    10. Hovering Sellers

    You may want to hang around during the showing, but this isn’t a good idea. A home buyer will often feel awkward about lingering to look at the house and opening up closet doors if you are there. So if you’re selling your house, don’t be there for the showing.

    When you are selling your home, remember this list and make sure that you are checking your house to make sure it’s as appealing to your buyers as possible. You will have a much better chance of selling your home for a good price, and you will sell your home a lot faster.

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