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    8 Real Estate Tips for Selling a Home

    October 30, 2017

    8 Real Estate Tips for Selling a HomeIf you are getting ready to sell your home, you know that there’s a lot of things to think about. Below are some of the selling strategies and secrets that real estate agents use to help houses get sold and that can now help you with your sale.

    1. Staging Strategies Change Between Seasons

    Staging’s concept used to be a secret, but not anymore. But staging homes continues evolving and it’s often more elaborate and complicated than just creating the perfect spot for relaxing in your living room. One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that it’s smart to use furniture that’s shorter during the summer months. This will help with making your rooms feel longer, bigger and make the buyer think it will fit better. It’s also a good idea to play some soft music in the background while a showing is happening so the room seems cozier.

    2. Buyers Look for Healthy Lawns

    For any home on the market curb appeal is always important. It’s a great idea to cut your grass right before a showing. A lot of buyers can’t resist the smell of grass that’s freshly cut. It doesn’t mean that you have to cut it short. Sometimes people have their grass cut a few times a week!

    3. Bands for Pricing Strategy are Essential

    Chances are that you know you want to price your home to sell. But maybe you haven’t ever heard of pricing in bands. For example, say you have a buyer who has a price of $340K in their head as what they want to spend. That means they’re going to look at prices from $325 to $350K. if your home’s priced at $351K, a lot of the buyers who may be interested in your property are going to be chased away. It’s a good idea to price a home at $349K. if you’re pricing it just $2,000 higher, you’re going to have a lot of people who are looking in the range of $350 to $375.

    4. It’s Possible to Negotiate the Commission of Your Agent, But It’s Not Always Smart

    Many sellers don’t know that they’re able to negotiate the commission of the agent. However, it’s not always a good idea. A lot of times those who are offering commission discounts are the bad agents. They’re doing it so that they can try winning your business. If the agent knows what they are doing and they’re executing your transaction flawlessly and quickly, selling your home for a good price, they’re worth every amount of their commission.

    5. There are Black Holes in Listings in Real Estate

    These are things that people can’t see. The light doesn’t get out and they’re invisible. If you have a listing that’s falling into this kind of black hole, your house isn’t going to be seen. The majority of cities have these types of black holes. These are times when a listing will get lost to nonbusiness topics, family vacations and sun-filled weekends. If you’re listing right before a holiday, chances are that the listing’s going to be buried and potential buyers won’t ever see it.

    6. Don’t Exaggerate in a Listing

    Think about dating sites – a lot of times people will lie about their ager or post pictures that make them look better than they are. Then people are disappointed when they see the real thing. This is the same for a house listing. If you have a tiny pond near your home, you don’t want to exaggerate and say you’re right next to a lake. Take the things that you have and describe their best features. Otherwise, you’re going to find your buyers are disappointed and turned off.

    7. A Listing Sitting Too Long is a Bad Sign

    When the market is hot, a house that sits 3-4 weeks is sitting too long. This means the house is likely overpriced. If it’s not your intention to look desperate because you drop its value, you should give your home a realistic price from the beginning. You want to have more than one offer – it’s a lot better than looking greedy and trying to get a price that’s unrealistic only to have to bring it down later.

    8. There’s a Perfect Time for Selling a Home

    A lot of agents say that the weekend of President’s Day is the housing season’s unofficial start, and this goes through the month of September. Then it declines until the following February. However, there’s a month during this season that performs consistently when it comes to sales when compared with all other months. This is the month of June, and this is where 29% more people buy their house.

    These are the eight secrets to selling your house. They will help you have a better chance of success and help you get a good price for your home.

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