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    Short Guide to What Real Estate Agents Do

    September 25, 2017

    Short Guide to Real Estate AgentsReal estate agents help people with buying or selling pieces of property or homes. This can range from small land plots and starter homes to luxury mansions and exotic islands.

    You can work as the listing agent, who helps with selling homes, or the buyers agent, who help with those who want to buy homes.

    There are agents across the world since people need to buy and sell property and homes everywhere. If you’re someone who will be loyal and honest to clients, it’s a great career.

    What do Real Estate Agents Do?

    Each day is unique and different for a real estate agent; while this can be an engaging aspect of being a real estate professional, it can also offer specific challenges or events, depending on the agent’s experience. So, just what does a real estate agent do in a typical day?

    Real estate agents are very knowledgeable about the laws in their area regarding selling and buying property. The area in which they work is where they know the most. They’ll know the trends in the local market and the competitive prices that the different properties that clients are buying or selling.

    Real estate agents act as brokers between two different parties who want to sell or buy properties. They also have the expertise and skill either to market properties and sell them for the best price possible. Or find property that will suit the needs of a client and then purchase it at the best cost possible.

    One of the key parts of being a real estate agent is negotiation, since they are acting as intermediaries between sellers and buyers and they often will negotiate on behalf of their client. Agents make their money by charging an amount based on the sale price of the property.

    Working with Sellers

    • Meet with sellers with new listings.
    • Demonstrate local market knowledge, marketing abilities, and negotiation skills.
    • Research comparable properties to establish an asking price.
    • List the property with listing services.
    • Take photos of the property
    • Stage the home properly

    Working with Buyers

    • Meet with and qualify prospective buyers.
    • Research potential properties.
    • Plan property showings for buyers.
    • Show selected properties to buyers.
    • Demonstrate negotiation skills, and making offers.

    Where do Real Estate Agents Work?

    The workplace of real estate agents will vary, just like the properties they’re selling and buying and their clients. Even though they do spend time in their office, they also spend a lot of time on the road and working irregular hours. They have to visit different properties and meet with current and prospective clients. This can happen in the evening, during the daytime and on weekends.

    They also attend industry seminars and conferences so they’re current on the trends and keep up with their professional network and contacts. They also have to keep up with any properties that are available in their area, so they go to open houses all the time to see what they have to offer.

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